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Wedding Celebration October 2002

Javarah began her bellydancing journey one warm day in 1980, when she & her sister Kat & their friend Carey set up a huge tent luxuriantly with pillows and tapestries in the back yard and practiced to a long-playing record of bellydance instruction.

Performing in musical theatre and dance productions since 1983, Javarah has long enjoyed movement as artistic expression. In 1992, after performing bellydance style movements in the musical, Kismet, Javarah & several friends decided to take bellydance lessons with Alexandra, the northwest's top Egyptian nightclub performer. Javarah was hooked and has studied Danse Orientale ever since!

Troupe Arabesque was formed by Alexandra, Roxelana & Mary Lou in 1992, and Javarah began performing as part of this precision troupe in 1993. Solo performance at area restaurants and events soon followed.

Over the years, Javarah has seriously studied Raks Sharqi and other bellydance styles & rhythms - including use of props such as cane, single veil & multiple veil, tambourine, candles and zills. A member of Alexandra's Troupe Arabesque from 1993 until it disbanded in 2003, a co-founder and member of the Fuzzy Monkeys from its inception until 2006, Javarah was also choreographer for Bastet Beledi. Javarah continues to perform solo and with many talented Middle Eastern Dancers, and is often in demand for her choreographies.

Javarah is known for her fiery precise Egyptian & Lebanese technique, and it has been commented that she 'has the moves they use in Egypt.' Javarah believes in the passionate expression of dance, and delights in playing with audiences. Javarah loves to dance!

Javarah began teaching private and public students in 1997, and currently teaches public, private and corporate students in Woodinville, North Seattle, Mercer Island, Renton, Burien, Federal Way and beyond.

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Javarah's Past Classes & Workshops

Pho Saigon January 2002

Public & Private Classes & Workshops
Egyptian Cabaret, Raks Sharqi, Dance Overview 1997 - Present
Dumas Bay Shimmy, City of Federal Way Parks, Recreational & Cultural Services Department
Bellydance Workout, Egyptian Raks Sharqi & Fusion Bellydance, Beginning Bellydance, Veil, Accents & Isolations, Various Workshops, Youth Bellydance Camps 2002 - Present
Fuzzy Monkeys
2001 - 2006
Wizards of the Coast [corporate]
Egyptian Raks Sharqi & Fusion Bellydance, Maximum Body Beledi 2000 - 2005
Bastet Beledi
2000 - 2004
Alexandra's School of Bellydance
Egyptian Cabaret, Raks Sharqi 1997 - 2003
Guest Teacher - Egyptian Drum Solo, Bastyr Bellies
Burien Beledi
2002 - 2003
A Midsummer Night's Dream Youth Camp 2001
The Valar
A Midsummer Night's Dream Bellydance Workshop 2001
Troupe Arabesque
Collaborative Troupe Works 1999 - 2001
Centerstage Theatre Arts Conservatory
Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Tempest Youth Camps 1999 - 2000
Emerald Sanctuary Bellydance Retreat
Continuing Dance Studies 2004 - 2006
Haruspicy Bellydance
Introduction to American Tribal Style, Fusion Isolations 2003
Erik Brown of Ek Balaam
Beginning Doumbek 2003
Jawahir Bahiya
Zill & Movement Combinations 2003
Musical Interpretation for Bellydance 2003
Veil & Double Veil Combinations 2003
Veil & Double Veil Technique, Tunisian Dance, Raqs Assaya [Cane], Turkish Technique 2003
Guedra Blessing Ritual 2003
Mu'allemah Yasmeena bint al Ahlam of Idaho
Ghawazee History & Dance, Zagat 2003
Alexandra's School of Bellydance
Egyptian Cabaret, Veil, Cane & Folkloric 1992 - Present
Thia of Salt Lake City
Direct from Egypt 2003
Oreet Jehassi of New York
SharQui The Bellydance Workout, Drum Solo & Taxim, Zills 2003
Lebanese Technique 2003

Amir Thaleb with Virginia Mendez

Danse Orientale, Cane, Veil, Czar & Malaya 2002
Astryd deMichele
Direct from Cairo 2002
Zill Skills Workshop
Troupe Millenium
Hafla North Workshops 1999
Delilah / Visionary Dance
Healing Sexuality Through Bellydance 1999

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Tony's Grill January 2003

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